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Jaspreet interns with the Gender and Disaster Pod

By March 6, 2019September 20th, 2022News

Hi Everyone,

My name is Jaspreet and I recently completed an

internship at the Gender and Disaster Pod (GAD Pod). The purpose of the organisation is to educate and raise awareness about the role gender plays in disaster response.

At the start of the degree, I was very adamant that I wanted a career out in the field, travelling to different countries providing humanitarian assistance. Research wasn’t even a blip on my radar for potential careers, doing research for me equated to assignments. So, GAD Pod was a surprise, it provided me with insight into different career paths and also the impact it can make within the sector.


After spending time in the organisation, I definitely have a new found respect for research and what it can do and the changes it can bring. The internship has provided me with the opportunity to take on projects and connect with people from a range of sectors such as psychologists, researchers and emergency management personnel. I think for me the most important thing when looking for an internship was the organisation fitting in with my own values and GAD Pod definitely provided that, I enjoyed what I was doing, and I genuinely looked forward to going in to work.

The internship initially led to a 6-week contract job which has now been extended. I have also been able to contribute to the recent research being undertaken. I would recommend checking out the latest research which looks at ‘Long-Term Disaster Resilience’, at