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Alice Lake-Hammond and AF8 prepare New Zealand for Alpine Fault earthquake

By August 21, 2019Alumni stories

Since graduating from MoDDD, I have been working as the Project Leader of the Alpine Fault magnitude 8 (AF8) natural hazard preparedness programme in New Zealand. AF8 is an award-winning programme of scientific modelling, coordinated response planning and community engagement designed to build collective resilience to the next Alpine Fault earthquake.

The project aims to share Alpine Fault hazard and impact science to a wide audience through outreach and community engagement activities to increase awareness, enable conversation and build societal preparedness to natural hazard events in the South Island.

My role involves coordinating the South Island-wide effort to prepare for the next major earthquake through communicating the risks and educating people on preparedness strategies. I work in the space between researchers, policymakers, practitioners and communities to build networks and share knowledge. A real highlight has been designing, developing and delivering the AF8 Roadshow: The Science Beneath Our Feet in rural and remote communities and schools around the South Island.